About Trina!

Hey, hey, y'all!!

Let me introduce myself first to all of you that may not know who I am and what I’m about!
My name is Trina Culick. I’m the creator and designer at Trina Culick Designs.
I am a wife and a mom to four beautiful kids, Ashton, Steven, Zoey and Eli. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and still counting! We have two grandbabies that we love to spoil!!
We are those country folks that use the words like “y’all” “yonder” and “Tators”!! Lol
I often have people ask me during a Facebook live where I get my accent from! I tell them I’m from South Carolina, which I am. I was born and raised in a little town called Scranton and now live with my husband about 15 mins away in a little area called, Barrineau (I don't even think it's on the map!)
Long story short... I wanted to do something to help bring some income in for our family. Door hangers were popping up on Facebook and my sister-in-law said one day that we could make those and that's how it started. Little side note - I could not cut at the start of this!

Well, we started out having fun and laughing while making pumpkins (it was close to fall) and all was good! However, my sister in law started doing her own thing and got a different job.
I had small kids at the time so I didn’t want to have a job outside my home. I continued with the door hangers and doing the cutting myself! Little did I know I would have a full time job in a year filling orders after opening an Etsy shop!
It has been a roller coaster with busy and slow seasons! It soon hit me! During the slow seasons, I could actually open a group and teach people my tricks and trades of cutting and painting door hangers!
So that’s why you’re here now! Another genius idea going around Facebook that I decided to jump onto!
I am super excited about this new adventure for me and my business! I took the plunge with this new adventure, come join me! Sign up and get started with me on your own adventure!
I sure hope to see your name come across as a new member!! Let’s get going y’all! Come paint with me!! Our adventures awaits us!

-Trina Culick